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Food Industry Wastes Assessment and Recuperation of Commodities

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Food Industry Wastes Assessment and Recuperation of Commodities

Authors :

Maria R. Kosseva



Publisher :

Elsevier Science,U.S.A.

Imprint :

Academic Press

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US$ 129.95

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Food Industry Wastes Assessment and Recuperation of Commodities

Food Industry Wastes, 1st Edition
I. Introduction. Causes and Challenges of Food Wastage

II. Food Industry Wastes: Problems and Opportunities

Chapter 1. Recent European legislation for management of wastes in the food industry

Chapter 2. Sources, characterization and composition of the food wastes

Chapter 3. Development of green production strategies

III. Treatment of Solid Food Wastes

Chapter 4. Use of waste bread to produce fermentation products

Chapter 5. Recovery of commodities from food waste using Solid-State Fermentation

Chapter 6. Functional food and nutraceuticals derived from food industry wastes (FIW)

Chapter 7. Manufacture of biogas and fertiliser from solid food wastes by means of anaerobic digestion

IV. Improved Biocatalysts and Innovative Bioreactors for Enhanced Bioprocessing of Liquid Food Wastes

Chapter 8. Use of immobilized biocatalyst for valorization of whey lactose

Chapter 9. Hydrogen generation from food industry and biodiesel wastes

Chapter 10. Thermophilic aerobic bioprocessing technologies for FIW and wastewater

Chapter 11. Modelling, monitoring and process control for intelligent bioprocessing of FIW and wastewater

V. Impact Assessment of Water Footprint and Rehabilitation of Food Industry Wastewater

Chapter 12. Water Footprint and food processing industry: accounting the impact of food waste from the perspective of use of water resources

Chapter 13. Electrical energy from wineries - A new approach using microbial fuel cells (MFCs)

Chapter 14. Electricity generation from food industry wastewater using the MFC technology

VI. Assessment of Environmental Impact of Food Production and Consumption

Chapter 15. Life Cycle Assessment with the focus on FIW

Chapter 16. Food system sustainability and the consumer

VII. Concluding Remarks and Future Prospects

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