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An Introduction to Air Law

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An Introduction to Air Law

Authors :

Diederiks Verschoor



Publisher :

Kluwer Law International Netherland

Imprint :

Kluwer Law International

Cover Price :

€ 101.00

Edition :

8 /e

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Pages :


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An Introduction to Air Law

Preface, Table of Cases, Table of International Conventions and Other Agreements, List of Principal Abbreviations and Acronyms, Glossary of Useful Terms Chapter 1 History and Development of Air Law I. Introductory Note II. The Origin III. The Autonomy of Air Law IV. Sources of Air Law V. The Paris Convention of 1919 VI. The Ibero-American Convention and the Pan-American Convention VII. The Law of Treaties VIII. Principal Organizations in Aviation Chapter 2 The Chicago Convention of 1944 on International Civil Aviation I. The Preparatory Stage II. The Convention III. Freedom and Sovereignty IV. Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Air Traffic V. Cabotage VI. Airline Co-Operation VII. Nationality VIII. Airports IX. Aviation Personnel X. Jurisdiction XI. State Aircraft XII. Measures to Facilitate Air Navigation XIII. International Organizations (Worldwide) XIV. Regional Organizations and Agreements XV. Bilateralism XVI. Deregulation Chapter 3 European Community Legislation in the Field of Air Transport I. Introduction II. Primary legislation III. Secondary Community Legislation IV. Community Legislation in the Field of Air Transport V. Concluding Note Chapter 4 The Liability of the Carrier under the ‘Warsaw System’ I. Introductory Note II. The Warsaw Convention III. The Hague Protocol IV. The Guadalajara Convention V. The Montreal Agreement of 1966 VI. The Guatemala Protocol VII. The Four Montreal Protocols of 1975 VIII. The Montreal Convention of 1999 IX. Concluding Remarks Chapter 5 Product Liability in Aviation I. Introductory Note II. The Evolution Towards Strict Liability III. Crashworthiness IV. Punitive Damages V. Codification of Product Liability Chapter 6 Air Navigation, Automation and Airworthiness I. Introductory Note II. Aircraft Handling III. Air Traffic Control IV. Aircraft Design and Maintenance V. Passenger Handling VI. Cargo Handling VII. Concluding Notes Chapter 7 Surface Damage and Collisions I. Damage Caused to Third Parties on the Surface II. Air Collisions Chapter 8 Insurance I. Introductory Note II. History III. Risk Evaluation IV. Insurance V. Hijacking VI. Concluding Note Chapter 9 Rights in Aircraft I. Precautionary Attachment of Aircraft II. International Recognition of Rights in Aircraft Chapter 10 Assistance and Salvage I. Introductory Note II. The Brussels Convention III. Search and Rescue (Chicago Convention, Article 25 and Annex 12) IV. Financial Aspects V. Concluding Remarks Chapter 11 Penal Law and Aviation I. The Tokyo Convention II. The Hague Convention III. The Montreal Convention IV. Concluding Remarks V. Unruly Passengers, Bibliography,

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