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Viruses and the Evolution of Life

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Viruses and the Evolution of Life

Authors :

Luis P. Villarreal



Publisher :

American Society For Microbiology

Imprint :

ASM Press

Cover Price :

US$ 79.95

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Pages :


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Publication Year :



Viral Studies conducted in the 1950s contributed tremendously to the scientific understanding of molecular mechanisms present in living organisms. Viruses and the Evolution of Life is an intriguing presentation of the virus-host relationship, as revealed through an examination of host evolution. This new volume avails the informed reader of a new perspective on the evolution of life while targeting the expert reader with discussion of specific scientific literature.

While it is generally accepted among evolutionary biologists that viruses are not self-sustaining and therefore cannot be alive, their impact on life is dramatic. Starting with prebiotic precursors of life, the book features an engaging discussion of various life forms and how each group has been affected by viruses. The author develops the concept of and distinction between acute and persisting viruses, an area of study that has heretofore largely been ignored. The relationship between the familiar disease-causing viruses and those viruses from which they emerge is also clarified.

Key Features

Addresses the adaptation and evolution of viruses and, more importantly, the role of viruses in evolutionary biology
Develops integrated themes for study of virology
Contributes valuable information to the understanding of the virus-host relationship
Integrates the relationship between genetic parasites found in host genomes with the virology of the host
Communicates basic principles to the informed reader while presenting a scholarly evaluation of literature to challenge the specialist
Written by one of the foremost experts in the field

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