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Science & Technology » Agricultural and Biological Sciences » Multicellularity and Differentiation

Myxobacteria: Multicellularity and Differentiation

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Myxobacteria: Multicellularity and Differentiation

Authors :

David E. Whitworth



Publisher :

American Society For Microbiology

Imprint :

ASM Press

Cover Price :

US$ 169.95

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Ever since their discovery, myxobacteria have proven to be enduring sources of wonder and inspiration for microbiologists. Myxobacteria exhibit several behaviors that are rare within the bacterial world but commonplace in eukaryotes, including multicellular development and cellular differentiation. This volume represents a major review of many aspects of myxobacterial biology, including multicellularity, social behavior, differentiation, cellular regulation, metabolism, evolution, and ecology. Synthesizing the latest knowledge on myxobacteria, this accessible volume will be indispensable for both specialists and nonspecialists interested in the field.

This book reviews the major strides that have been made in understanding the many unique aspects of myxobacterial biology. For instance, sections describe the mechanisms of motility, multicellular development, regulatory mechanisms, myxobacterial metabolism, and genomic analyses. Overview chapters address the historical and ecological/evolutionary contexts for contemporary myxobacterial research.

While this volume focuses on the multicellularity and differentiation of myxobacteria, analogous behaviors seen in a wide range of other organisms are examined as well, to set myxobacterial biology in a greater context. Finally, practical methods chapters are included to guide researchers and help laboratories set up their own myxobacterial studies.

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