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Science & Technology » Agricultural and Biological Sciences » Pathogenomics

Bacterial Pathogenomics

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Bacterial Pathogenomics

Authors :

Mark J. Pallen



Publisher :

American Society For Microbiology

Imprint :

ASM Press

Cover Price :

US$ 139.95

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This landmark volume details progress in the fast-changing world of bacterial genomics. The availability of genome sequences pervades every aspect of bacteriology. Bacteriologists now can examine the genomic sequence for every significant bacterial pathogen of humans, plants, and animals. With chapters from more than forty scientists from around the world, Bacterial Pathogenomics explains the scientific advances that have resulted from the application of bacterial genome sequencing to the study of how bacterial pathogens have evolved and how these bacteria cause disease.

The first half of the book reviews the impact of genomics on our understanding of selected groups of pathogens, including Escherichia coli, mycobacteria, Neisseria, staphylococci, spirochetes, Campylobacter, plant pathogens, and Photorhabdus. The remaining chapters cover themes that cut across taxonomic boundaries, such as genomic signatures of intracellularity, the impact of shared genomic tools and datasets, pathogenomics of bacterial biothreat agents, the impact of phages on the evolution of bacterial pathogenicity, gram-positive protein secretion, cell wall biosynthesis, and intracellular pathogens. Bacterial Pathogenomics will prove indispensable in the library of any bacteriology research group and will act as a key text for anyone studying bacterial genomics or the molecular basis of bacterial infection.

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